OEMatic is one of the leading contract manufacturers in China. pcba_manufacture Production plants are situated in Guangdong, Hunan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu in mainland China. We produce electronic PCBA for oversea clients. Services include PCB fabrication, injection of plastics and making moulds, PCB design and prototyping. Design support is also available, such as reverse engineering or design for manufacturing (DFM) advice to ensure that products are produced as economically as possible without sacrificing quality or functionality.
Turnkey Manufacturing
turnkey_pcba A customer service team has been operating independently to the manufacture. They precisely take customers’ instructions and deliver customers' requirement to the engineering staff in the factory, monitor the manufactures in full angle, and guarantee the build of products strictly to customers’ standard with agreed quality level. All products are inspected upon functions, cosmetic appearance and packing before shipment. It is like that products are produced in customers' own factories.
Injection of Plastics
pcb_design OEMatic runs injection machines with clamping pressure ranging from 15 tons to 200 tons. Our clients come from various sectors and industries such as consumer electronics, data exchange and mobile telecom, gaming electronics, medical electronics, automobile, lighting products and home appliances. Our expert team will help customers to design moldable parts that are optimised for manufacturing. Moulds are made in our own tooling workshop. OEMatic also provides custom CNC machining of parts and components. Machining capabilities include milling, turning, drilling and tapping of customised parts.
PCB Design
pcb_clone With our experienced PCB design team, OEMatic is able to provide the cost effective services for PCB clone or PCB layout design / re-design / modification. Complete solutions for new electronic product design and development are also available.
PCB Prototyping
pcb prototype is one of the most essential tools for the designers to design PCBA with manufacturability and eliminate the small mistakes. During volume production, it takes extra cost and time to put the mistakes right. Even though the mistake might be tiny, that would cause a big precuniary loss, particularly to a product innovator. Thus, don't be stingy to skip the prototype. OEMatic offers seasoned prototyping for new product introduction.
PCB Reverse Engineering
reverse_pcb PCB reverse engineering makes the PCB re-production possible for the product designer who lost the original PCB files. PCB reverse engineering is not a high technology job, but the accuracy for the regenerating circuit schematics and parts list are the main concerns that determine the result of PCB re-production. OEMatic offers quality reverse engineering service to make sure that the reverted PCB files are 100% usable for rebuilding PCBA. In case there is micro-controller or other chips, we can yet migrate the firmware / software to the new PCB. OEMatic is capable to decrypt most of the major PLA, PAL, CPLD, FPGA, ARM or MCU … etc.
Facbrication Standards
ipc-a-610d PC-A-610D standard is applied to all assemblies. ISO2859 sampling scheme is applied to QC, QA, IPQC, products outgoing inspection and materials incoming inspection.
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